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Sahibzada Syed Shahrukh Kamal Mukarram Gilani

Bio: I am a Muslim Pakistani, interested in Religions, Languages, Literature and Philosophy. Just write occasionally. My printed stuff could be read at

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  1. zubair says:

    if u can please transalate all the story in qiratul rashidah. I study in bradford west yorkshire inn eternallight school jzk with all lesson s

    • as-Salam-u Alaykum.
      First of all, I would like to know if you can read Urdu. I had translated these stories for my classfelows and for myself for our last semester. However, they had errors in it. Now, I am uploading one topic every Friday. In this way, I can easily correct the errors before they are published in image form. When the book will be completed, it’ll be available in pdf format. in-sha-Allah.
      Soon, we will be starting English translation of al-Qira’at al-Rashida and Urdu translation of a new book al-Lughat-ul-Arabiyyah. After we finish translating al-Qira’at-ur-Rashida in English, we will start translating the other book in English. in-sha-Allah.
      If there would be some free time, I’ll try to publish the structure of the topics of al-Lughat-ul-Arabiyyah, in-sha-Allah.

  2. adam unasi says:

    can u publish more story s jazakkallaah

  3. adam unasi says:

    i learn in bradford mufti saiful islams madrasah

  4. ADAM says:

    saaam alaikum what is your name

  5. shaikh says:

    syed bhai lpz send urdu translation qiratul rasida all parts

    • Sorry for delays after delays. Last year, we had our last final exam of Spring semester on 8th July. This time, we were expecting the exams either 10 days earlier or in the Ramadan. However, the university gave us holidays for Ramadan and finals exams were right after the Eid. Our first paper (Fiqh-i) was held on 6th August and second (Economic Issues of Pakistan) was held on 7th August. Our next exams [9th (Hadith Studies), 11th (Arabic) and 12th (Fiqh-ii)] are postponed due to political situation of the country. Now, our exam of 19th August (of Political Science) will be held on its original date and the other three missing exams will get some new date.
      We were hoping for some vacations free from study but there seems to be no chance for that, this time. I will do my best to resume the uploading soon.

      Thank you for visiting and waiting.

  6. zaadayraah says:

    Mashaa Allah! Commendable effort on the Arabic study!

  7. which programme is this ? is it a university or online centre?
    jzkAllahu Khair

  8. girlname says:

    Please I want translation of alqiraat ur rashida part 2

  9. Salam Akhi Syed Shahrukh Kamal! Mashaa Allah, I ask Allah protect you and bless you. thank you for everything.

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